Roasted Boneless Country Style Ribs with Vegetables

This is a unique recipe I found on my favorite Supermarket, Wegman’s, website.  It’s very easy to prepare, and their boneless ribs are fairly lean, or you can substitute the ribs for a leaner pork tenderloin.  When I first decided to make this, I thought the combination of vegetables was an interesting mix, but I love Brussels sprouts, so I tried it. The mixture of the sweetness from the yams and the slightly bitter taste from the Brussels sprouts is a nice contrast. The recipe says that it takes 15 minutes active time and total of 50 minutes, from start to finish, which is fairly accurate, and pretty fast to have a full dinner on the table. Here is the store’s recipe for Country Ribs with Vegetables.  I don’t use the packaged Brussels sprouts I buy them in bulk, and also use Yukon gold potatoes rather than the fingerling. I also tried this once with the chimichurri sauce, as they suggest, and  thought it tasted better without it. Wegman’s has a product called, basting oil, which is a combination of olive oil and grapeseed oil with herbs in it.  You can substitute the basting oil for olive oil and/or or grapeseed oil, with a pinch of garlic and basil.



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