Spinach Salad with Wheatberries and Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry salad

When I work from home and it’s time for lunch, I normally rely on something that’s been left over in my refrigerator. It only takes a few minutes to throw a few things in a bowl to make a tasty and nutritious lunch. The other day I had two ingredients in mind and thought I would build on them depending on what I could find to make a salad. I took out the left over wheat berries (which are a whole grain similar to barley) and roasted butternut squash. I heated the wheat berries and squash in the microwave just to warm them up , and began to scour the fridge to see what other ingredients would do. I took some baby spinach, a little bit of goat cheese and the last of the cranberry sauce, and a handful of walnuts. Before I knew it I had a delicious and somewhat hearty salad! Below is my recipe, feel free to experiment with whatever you have in the fridge.



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