How to Make Shredded Chicken 

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Shredded chicken is a staple  in many kitchens. It's perfect to have on  hand to make a quick meal that's healthy and satisfying!  Here are four ways to easily make your own shredded chicken

You will only need a few simple ingredients: sea salt, black pepper, water and  boneless chicken breasts

1.  Instant Pot Shredded Chicken  An Instant Pot or pressure cooker is a quick way to cook shredded chicken that is juicy and tender!

2. Crockpot Shredded Chicken Using a slow cooker or crock pot  is a great way to save time and make delicious shredded chicken with boneless chicken breasts.

3. Stove Top  Shredded Chicken  Making shredded chicken on top of the stove is a convenient and easy method. And the best part is that you will only need a few ingredients an no special equpment!

4. Oven Shredded Chicken The oven is a great way and hands-off option, especially if you're already utilizing it for other cooking purposes.


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