WELCOME TO Simple And Savory!

Real Food Simply Made!

As a passionate home cook, I love creating and sharing tasty meals made with healthy everyday ingredients (real food).

  • Quick, easy-to-follow, healthy and most importantly, tasty!
  • Made from scratch with wholesome everyday ingredients.
  • Flexible with options to modify them in a way that works for special diets.
  • Versatile, most have variations to inspire creativity and make the recipe your own.

You’re a lifesaver. These quick dinner recipes are fantastic. My partner and I changed our eating habits to a vegetarian based on fish or chicken 5 weeks ago and we feel so much better.  I do appreciate the help of your quick recipes thank you.” -Christine

“I’ve eaten this dish many times in NJ. Searched for the best recipe and yours makes the most sense and tastes the most authentic. Thanks!” – Bob

Followed recipe except for subbed half pumpkin seeds for sliced almonds. These are great! Exactly as described.” – Benjamin

I live in New Jersey with my husband, Bob, and dog, Morgan, who I affectionately call my food lab- she’s willing to try all of my recipes. I have always been passionate about good food! I think that’s because I spent the first 10 years of my life living on a farm in New Jersey. We were eating farm-to-table meals before it was a thing; fresh vegetables and dairy products from the farm were always on our table.

You may not think of New Jersey as the Garden State, but it is! I live in an area where there is easy access to locally raised meat, dairy, and produce, and it’s my first stop to buy food before heading to the supermarket.

In addition to good food and cooking, I enjoy being outdoors whenever I can. In the warmer months, I spend time tending to my vegetable garden, walking, biking, or relaxing, and enjoying the warm weather.

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and also have a certificate in Culinary Nutrition from the University of Vermont.  

I am not a photographer. I’m here for the food! I make all of the recipes and photograph them myself so you can get an idea of how the food will look when you prepare it at home.

I prefer cooking with locally sources, minimally processed ingredients from like-minded businesses and farms — where healthy and delicious meet.

If you are unable to access local ingredients or are on a budget, feel free to use whatever works for you to make my recipes. They will still be healthy and delicious!

All of my sweet recipes are made with natural sweeteners

such as honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar and I often use less.

If you prefer sweeter foods, gradually add a little more sweetener to your taste.

Everything in moderation

Even though I love healthy food, I also enjoy all kinds of indulgent foods too. You will find some of these recipes on Simple and Savory that have been remade with a healthier twist.

Why did you start Simple and Savory?

I am not a big fan of following recipes and like to cook without documenting every detail. However, when friends and family asked me for the recipe, I found it difficult to remember all the steps unless I made the dish again. To solve this problem, I created Simple and Savory, a platform to record and share my favorite recipes with others.

What is your favorite recipe on the blog?

There are a lot of favorites on Simple and Savory, but the ones I make the most often, are my beef and vegetable stew, bison chili and turkey burgers.

Do the recipes on Simple and Savory follow a specific diet?

No, they do not, but many recipes on Simple and Savory fit into the Mediterranean diet and most have suggested adaptations for specific diets. I believe in everything in moderation!

Take a look around, and I hope you choose a recipe or two to try!

If you want to request a recipe, have a question or comment, contact me at anne  @ simpleandsavory . com. And don’t forget to follow me on: Facebook, and Pinterest!



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